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The Original Mystery Box

The Original Mystery Box

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The Pink Makeup Box LIVE on Facebook & TikTok! 
It's a Box Filled with Mystery Pieces of Cosmetics, Brushes and Makeup Tools of various brands. 
Start Small or Go Big.. you decide.

Example: Mascara, Dramatic Lashes, Nude/colorful/glitter Eyeshadow palette, Primer, Glue, etc. I will choose random mystery items for you based off your list, your budget and what I have in stock. Please note, you won't always get exactly what you want unless you specify EXACTLY what items you want by listing them in the Text Box provided. If something you want is Sold Out then we replace it with something similar.

Like & Follow our social media pages and turn on your notifications so you can be alerted of when we go Live to package orders. 

  • All orders are Livestreamed to viewers. If you rather have your order done OFF Camera, to skip the line and waiting time, please let Customer service know or leave a note on your order so we can get it done asap.

  • We try to go Live Monday - Friday... we will take some nights off. Whenever we decide to take the day off, we will make a post letting you know.
  • We Livestream orders in sequence by order number. You do not need to be present when your order is called, if you are not present, you can watch the replay on Facebook to see what your box contains.

  • Some of the Brands I carry are Beauty Creations, BeBella, LA Girl, JCat, Kara Beauty, Moira, Lurella, The Pink Makeup Box, Italia Deluxe and more.. NO High end brands so you can get more for your money.
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