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Life is a Celebration

Life is a Celebration

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“Thank you so much for purchasing my palette in celebration of Pride with Lurella Cosmetics. I dedicate this to the LGBTQIA+ community as a celebration of our lives as we continue to fight for acceptance. As we grow together, I hope that one day people will change to see us for who we are so our souls find serenity and we can continue to live openly and proudly.

My trans family who fights daily and are fearless of their truth.  Your beauty, grace and confidence inspires and teaches me to be myself daily! 

For the people of color who remain strong and resilient in fighting inequality and racism, I salute your bravery and I will continue to support you as a Filipino immigrant! 

To my husband whose love is patient and to my family, friends, fans and allies, who without, I could not be the artist that I am.  Your love, support and constant reminder of how my art of drag inspires you continues to challenge me to always reach for the stars.  

You'll see that the names I've added to the colors represents a little bit of my life and how proud I am to be who I am! This is a first for me and I wanted it to include different aspects of my life from my childhood, growing up, my time on television and now; as a proud, flamboyant, Filipino, gay, drag queen.  I am so proud of this palette and incredible shocked. I've never thought this would ever happen, so THANK YOU and HAPPY PRIDE!  

Always remember - LIFE IS A CELEBRATION.”

With love,

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